Transport Authority seeking guidance in relation to recovery of millions of dollars improperly paid to Managing Director

The Transport Authority says guidance is being sought from the Attorney General in relation to the recovery of millions of dollars improperly paid to the Managing Director.

This after a report from the Auditor General flagged the Authority for several human resource policy breaches.

Among them is a severance payment of over $11 million to the referenced officer, who was terminated from the Authority without reason, employed at a connected entity, then re-appointed by the Authority in a higher post one year later.

In keeping with legislation, the Auditor General recommended that the Authority seek to recover the improper payment made in March 2020 to the Managing Director that resulted from the winding up of his previous employment arrangements.

The Auditor General also found that the Authority breached Government human resource guidelines, because 40 positions on the staff listing and contracts for three senior managers were not approved by the Finance Ministry.

In a statement yesterday, the Authority said it has taken steps to address concerns raised in the Auditor General’s report on human resources, administration practices and procurement transactions dating back to 2017.

The Authority said among the measures is that all General Managers’ contracts have now been approved by the Finance Ministry.

Additionally, the 40 other employees are now in positions allocated by the Ministry.


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