Transport Authority concerned over Uber’s ability to properly screen vehicles and drivers ahead of the company’s expansion to Western Jamaica

The Transport Authority has sought to clarify that there is no agreement in place between ride-hailing company Uber and contract carriage groups in Montego Bay, St. James.

The clarification follows recent reports that Uber has expanded to western Jamaica after its inception in Kingston in 2021.

Managing Director of the Authority, Ralston Smith told IRIE FM News that when he contacted contract carriage groups, it was revealed that no agreement with Uber was signed.

He noted, however, that the carriage groups are reviewing an offer from the ride-hailing company.

Meantime, Mr. Smith said the Authority is concerned with Uber’s ability to properly screen both vehicles and drivers to ensure the protection of the rights and well-being of persons who rely on its services.

He said though the Authority encourages diversity and engagement of technological solutions in providing services, any attempt to circumvent the provisions of the law will be taken as intent to operate illegally and not in the interest of good order or safety.


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