ITA begins suspension of driver’s licences for persons with 10 or more demerit points

The Island Traffic Authority (ITA) has begun the suspension of driver’s licences.


The process began on May 2, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and regulations.


A release from the transport ministry says over 100 notices of suspension have been issued to persons, who accumulated 10 or more demerit points on their driver’s licence record.


Persons who have accumulated 10 to 13 demerit points will have their licences suspended for 6 months.


14 to 19 demerit points will result in a one-year suspension while 20 and over demerit points and will result in a 2-year suspension.


Once a notice of suspension has been sent, the driver’s licence holder must surrender the licence to the ITA within 21 days. Failure to comply is an offence.


Director of the ITA, Kenute Hare, says once a notice of suspension is issued, a copy is sent to the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ).


He adds that the suspension will be uploaded to the traffic ticket management system,  and officers on the ground will know, using their hand held device, that the driver’s licence is suspended.


Persons who have not accumulated traffic tickets that warrant the suspension of their driver’s licence will have their demerit points expunged after a period of 15 months.


Driver’s licence holders are being urged to update their address at TAJ, as the notice of suspension will be sent to the last address on record.


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