TPDCo conducting capacity study for rafting on White River in Ocho Rios

The Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) is undertaking a capacity study on rafting activity along the White River, in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.


TPDCo Executive Director Wade Mars said this is to determine how many raft captains and rafts will be allowed to operate at the lower section of the White River.


There was a major operation this morning, which saw a number of rafts being dismantled as part of TPDCo’s “clear, hold and reset strategy”, to terminate illegal activities in the area.


Today’s operation targeting illegal rafting on the White River, came after multiple earlier failed attempts.


TPDCo had issued a final warning for captains to remove their rafts voluntarily, by March 20.


The agency said this was after consultations with offending parties, and a myriad of complaints from visitors and stakeholders.


The complaints include, sexual harassment, raftsmen operating in a drunken state, other criminal activities, and a prolonged breach of the river rafting act.


Today’s operation also included, closure notice signs being posted, advising the  public that the section of the white river under the bridge is closed to unlicensed activities by order of the river rafting authority, which regulates and controls river rafting in Jamaica.


Persons at the site were informed of the illegality of their activities and the intention of the authorities to have these terminated.


When asked by Irie F M News about the allowance of legitimate rafting in the area, Mr. Mars said the capacity study will determine what happens next.




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