Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett pushes for 500,000 Canadian visitors to Jamaica by 2025

In what is being described as an ambitious but achievable target, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is pushing for 500,000 Canadian visitors to Jamaica by 2025.

Mr. Bartlett made the disclosure on Tuesday (September 19) ahead of his departure to Canada, where he is joined by senior tourism officials on a five-day ‘Winter Marketing Blitz’.

The aim is to engage critical travel partners in the greater Toronto area.

Mr. Bartlett explained that Canada is Jamaica’s third-largest market, and was a little slow in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, Jamaica receives a little over 300,000 visitors from Canada, which is 100,000 fewer than the 2020 figures.

The Minister said the Canadian market is ready to take Jamaica to the 500,000 target.

Mr. Bartlett also noted the Ministry’s intention of strengthening the Asian component of the Canadian market.


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