Todss threatens to resume protests if government does not intervene in outstanding traffic tickets situation

The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, Todss, has indicated that it will resume demonstrations, if the government does not intervene in the situation, surrounding the payment of unpaid traffic tickets.

Motorists have been warned, to pay their outstanding traffic tickets, before the new road traffic act, comes into effect on February 1.

Following appeals by transport operators, cabinet decided last month, that motorists, who pay their outstanding traffic tickets by January 31, would have demerit points expunged, when the act is implemented.

This applies to tickets issued, after February 1, 2018.

However, in a press briefing on Sunday evening, Todss president, Egeton Newman, chastised the government, noting that operators cannot pay for the fines, by the end of January.

He called on the Andrew Holness led administration, to honour the operators’ initial plea for a ticket amnesty, warning, that if it is not given, they will have to take action.

Mr. Newman added, that the government, must replace the bus stops, along Constant Spring Road, in Kingston, before mid February, or the service of the operators will be impacted.


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