Todss asks for more time as April 1 deadline for licence renewal inches closer

Owners and operators of Public Passenger Vehicles (PPVs) and commercial carriers are being reminded that the deadline for renewal of all road licences is this Friday, March 31.

As such, any licence not renewed before April 1, will be deemed illegal.

The transport authority is urging licensees, who have not yet renewed their road licence, to do so quickly, because the late fee, will be effective, as of Saturday.

The authority said operators and owners whose receipts reflect a date up to March 31, will not be charged a late fee, if that receipt is submitted to the authority by April 4.

Additionally, licensees are being reminded that the regular processing and delivery time for a licence is 7 to 10 business days.

Motorists are also being encouraged to utilize the authority’s express and courier services to ensure timely delivery of their licence.

The authority is reminding operators that under the Road Traffic Act, anyone who uses or permits a motor vehicle to be used on any road as a PPV, without the requisite road licence, is in contravention of the law.

Therefore, taxi and bus operators who fail to produce a valid transport authority road licence, will be prosecuted.

In addition, the transport authority act empowers an inspector or a constable to seize any vehicle being operated, or used as a PPV without a licence issued, for such operation or use.

Meantime, one taxi group has appealed for more time for owners and operators, to renew their licences.

This in the wake of a reminder from the Transport Authority, that public passenger vehicle operators, have until Friday to renew their licence, as come Saturday, a late fee will be applied.

Additionally, persons found operating without a licence will be prosecuted and their vehicle seized.

The transport operators development sustainable services, Todss, has pointed to the economic hardships being faced by PPV owners and operators.

Todss President Egeton Newman is asking for two more weeks.




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