Three students of GC Foster College receives Brendon Rodney Excellence Scholarship

Three students of GC Foster College were this morning awarded with the Brendon Rodney excellence scholarship at a function held at the residence of the Canadian High Commission in Kingston.

Named after the Canadian Olympian and World Championships sprint relay gold medalist Brendan Rodney…….the scholarships were awarded to the trio of Shantel Munroe, Selvin Stewart, and Toni -Ann Lindsay who met the criteria. 

The scholarship is designed to support full time students from all programmes at GC Foster College and the 250, 000 dollars awarded to each recipient is based on an appraisal of individual needs. 

The recipient must be in their second, third or fourth year and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0, and by providing this scholarship Brendan who is an Adjunct Lecturer at GC Foster College of Physical education and Sports, aims to emphasize the importance of sports and education working hand in hand. 


Rodney, a Canadian Sprinter, born in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada, in 1992, is conditioned at Sprintec Track Club , at Gc Foster College since 2018 by the legendary Maurice Wilson, Principal of GC Foster College.  



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