Three men arrested during incident at Petrojam car park in Kingston


Three men were arrested and firearms seized in the Petrojam car park designated for contractors in Kingston this morning. 

According to Petrojam, the incident happened at approximately 6:25 a.m. 

The company says it can confirm that the men detained are not employees of Petrojam nor are they contracted by Petrojam.

The police are investigating the matter.

Speaking with Irie FM news this afternoon, General Manager of Petrojam Telroy Morgan said police report that two firearms were seized. 

When asked if he thinks the men were contract killers Mr Morgan indicated that their motive has to be questioned.

He said though Petrojam is concerned about the incident, the company is not daunted and will beef up security. 

He said Petrojam remains committed to the safety and security of its employees and property.

Meanwhile, the police are reporting that one of the men who was arrested, is a known violence producer. 

Speaking with Irie FM News this afternoon, Head of the St. Andrew South Police Superintendent Kirk Ricketts said police believe the men were at the location to commit a violent act. 

He said the Kingston West and the St. Andrew South Police are investigating the incident. 


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