Thousands of mourners say final farewell to victims of Clarendon massacre

Thousands of mourners have gathered at the funeral service for the Clarendon family of five killed in Cocoa Peace in the parish in June.

31-year-old Kemesha Wright and her children 15-year-old Kimanda Smith, 12-year-old Sharalee Smith, 5-year-old Rafaella Smith and 2-year-old Keshawn Henry Jr were stabbed, and their throats slashed.

Their cousin, Rushane Barnett pleaded guilty to five counts of murder, when he appeared in the home circuit court last Thursday.

Heartbreak and anger are some of the emotions portrayed by the mourners, who have gathered for the funeral service at Clarendon College’s Stuart Hall.

Meantime, one person who came to offer support told Irie Fm news, that the murders will leave a stain on the minds of loved ones, and other

And another mourner reiterated the call for the death penalty


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