“Thieves fi go look work” – relative of victim wounded in gun attack on Beryllium guards yesterday

Yesterday’s attack on a Beryllium money courier at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Mandeville, Manchester has resulted in fear and frustration among residents.

Among those disturbed by the incident are the loved ones of those hurt.

Five people, who were reportedly waiting in line at the automated banking machines, which were being serviced by the Beryllium guards, were reportedly shot and wounded in the attack.

A relative of one of the gunshot victims said it is heart-rending that her loved one was hurt, while going about her lawful business.

She appealed to criminals to seek lawful employment.

She said the incident has traumatized the family, which was already reeling from the death of another relative due to gun violence.

Meantime, Councillor for the Mandeville division, Jones Oliphant has expressed shock at yesterday’s attack.

Yesterday’s incident is the latest in a series of armed attacks on Beryllium money couriers, with some incidents being fatal.


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