Voters list for the upcoming JFF Congress has been published

The voters list for the upcoming JFF Congress has been published by the Christopher Samuda led Electoral  Committee.

This coming three days ahead of the event scheduled for Sunday March 17 at the Royalton Hotel in Negril, where the 56 delegates will cast their votes to elect either Vice-President Raymond Anderson or incumbent Michael Rickettes.

However, Anderson, of the real solid action team, is expressing displeasure that the list does not have the names of the delegates.

The voters list has the 13 Parish Association in Tier one with two votes each for an overall 26 votes, representing the biggest bulk of votes of the overall 56 votes that  can  be  polled.

Tier two…..which is made up by the clubs….has 14 votes overall with the Women’s Clubs Frazier Whip, Cavalier, Vere United, and Mile Gully with two votes each………….the top four men’s Premier League clubs….Mount Pleasant, Cavalier, Arnett Gardens and Harbour View……have one vote each along with tier 2 clubs Lime Hall, Tru-Juice, Racing and Treasure Beach also with one vote  each.

Tier 3 sees the 16 votes divided between the 8 Associations.

This includes the Beach Football Association, Intercol, the Jamaica Past Players Association, Professional Football  Jamaica Limited….. the PFJL, Jamaica Coaches Association, the Jamaica Referees Association and ISSA.


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