The One Don Clansman Gang trial to resume next Monday

The One Don Clansman Gang trial is to resume next Monday.


The new date comes after Chief Justice Bryan Sykes who is trying the case, tested positive for COVID-19, last week.


He did not turn up for court today.


The Chief Justice has been trying the case since September last year and was hoping that it would be completed this month.


Several lawyers in the case said today, that they believe the case will continue into the next term, which commences in September.


The case started with 33 alleged members of the gang charged with various offences.


During the trial, five of the men were freed.


Several charges were dropped by the prosecution against some of the accused.


The prosecution has closed its case and the accused have all given their defence in which they say they were innocent.


The defence is now in the process of submitting records from the Horizon Remand Centre.


The 28 alleged gang members including its alleged leader aAndre ‘Blackman’ Bryan are charged under the anti-gang legislation.



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