Tension High in Grange Hill Westmoreland, following 4 murders in the community in less than 48 hours

Tension is high in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, following four murders in the community in less than 48 hours.

The latest murder occurred last night.

Dead is Shackiel Forrest of Bayroad in Little London and Fullersfield, Grange Hill, both in Westmoreland.

A second man was also wounded in that incident, which came a day after three men were shot and killed in the same area.

Reports from the police are that at about 10 PM, Forrest and another man were travelling in a Toyota Axio motor car when they were ambushed by gunmen who opened fire at the vehicle.

Forrest lost control of the car which crashed into an embankment.

He and the other man ran from the vehicle, but Forrest was chased and shot multiple times in the head and upper body.

The other man was later found with gunshot wounds.

The police were summoned and both were taken to hospital where Forrest was pronounced dead-and the other man admitted for treatment.

Speaking with IRIE FM news this morning, Zone 4 Commander for the Westmoreland Division, Deputy Superintendent Shaunjaye Mitchell noted that the murders are linked to escalating gang conflict in the Grange Hill area.

DSP Mitchell said the police have increased their presence in the area.


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