Telecommunications Minister Daryl Vaz urges citizens to be patient, noting total restoration of services island-wide could take weeks

Citizens who remain without electricity, water and telecommunications are being urged to be patient and understanding, as total restoration of service island-wide may take weeks to complete.

Hurricane Beryl left a trail of destruction, especially in southern parishes, with blocked roadways, fallen trees, downed utility poles and wires and damaged cell towers reported. 

The utility providers are working to restore service, with some areas already back to normal. 

The critical component is electricity, and the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has emphasized that the restoration process must be done with safety in mind.

Some National Water Commission (NWC) stations require the return of JPS power for the pumps to resume working, and this matter is being given priority attention by the JPS.

Priority attention is also being given to certain facilities, such as hospitals. 

The JPS is also working with Flow and Digicel to restore communication, as several customers still cannot access the network.

As citizens without service become increasingly frustrated, they are being assured that they will be kept informed of the progress of the restoration efforts.

Minister of Energy and Telecommunications Daryl Vaz noted the importance of utility customers knowing what’s happening, so that they can plan accordingly.  

Vaz reiterated that if necessary, assistance will be brought in from other countries to expedite the restoration process. 

Water Minister Matthew Samuda assured that services will be restored as soon as possible.



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