Teachers stage protests across island as JTA delegates vote on latest compensation package offered by Gov’t

As Jamaica Teachers Association Delegates meet in Kingston today (March 8) to vote on whether to accept the Government’s latest compensation package, several teachers are staging protests in central areas across the island.


This is the fourth day of protests, whereas, in previous days, teachers have either called in sick or staged sit-ins at their schools.


They are upset over what they have described, as the less-than-livable salaries being paid by the Government.


In Kingston, some placard-bearing teachers dressed in black, as they gathered across from the Finance Ministry’s offices to amplify their rejection of the Ministry’s latest wage offer.


The teachers, who say they are not able to survive comfortably on their current pay are calling on the Government to do more.


They say under the new compensation package, teachers will not benefit.

Teachers are also protesting at Old Harbour Square in St Catherine.

Belair High in Mandeville, Maggotty High in St Elizabeth and St Andrew High School in Kingston are among the institutions disrupted, as teachers continue their protests and sit-ins.


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