Teachers receive overseas support in fight for fair treatment, respect, and adequate resources

The country’s public school teachers are getting overseas support in their fight for fair treatment, respect, and adequate resources.

The pledge of solidarity came from Frederick Ingram, the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers.

Mr Ingram was the keynote speaker at the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) Annual Conference, underway in Negril, Westmoreland.

His address to the JTA Delegates was in line with this year’s conference theme: Advancing the Vision, Reigniting the Passion, Through Equitable and Inclusive Educational Opportunities.

Mr Ingram pointed out that similar to Jamaica, the education system in the United States faces many challenges, adding that globally, education that is socially and culturally relevant, is under threat.

He noted that members of the JTA deserve more but their work is being undermined by politics.

Mr Ingram said the American Federation of Teachers stands with the JTA in the fight for fully-funded public education.


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