Teachers frustrated with salary issues arising from the compensation review

The nation’s teachers say they are tired and frustrated over the problems related to the compensation review.

Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) president Leighton Johnson says the teachers patience is waning.

Education Minister Fayval Williams will be in the hot seat tomorrow and is expected to face questions regarding salaries, which have been of concern since the compensation review took effect in April.

The JTA says some teachers continue to experience anomalies with their salaries.

The issue is being discussed at the annual conference, now underway in Negril, Westmoreland.

Yesterday, Mr. Johnson outlined the concerns of the teachers to permanent secretary in the education ministry, Maureen Dwyer and asked her to relay the queries to the minister, in a bid to get responses.

Mr. Johnson pointed out that how teachers’ salaries are calculated, remains a mystery.

He said teachers want answers.

Mr. Johnson expressed hope that the issues will be resolved soon.

He cited the pay scale used in Germany, with that country’s teachers being the second highest paid in the world, and suggested that the Jamaican government, adopts a similar scale.


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