Teachers at St Elizabeth Technical High School stage sit-in over wage negotiations


Teachers at the St Elizabeth Technical High School who staged a sit-in this morning (March 3) are accusing the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) of poor lobbying on their behalf.


The placard-bearing teachers who wore black clothing on Jamaica Day say they are rejecting the Government’s wage offer.


Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke recently warned that public sector groups have a short time to settle wage negotiations, as the Government would not be facilitating aspects of the current wage payments in the upcoming financial year.


However, the teachers maintain that the Government’s wage offer must be reviewed.


A teacher at the institution said she and her colleagues are being treated as second-class citizens.

She also expressed concern over the JTA’s handling of the situation.

Meantime, People’s National Party (PNP) Chairman for region 5, Kern Spencer said he stands firmly with the teachers in their quest for a better wage offer.


Mr Spencer said the issue was discussed at a recent PNP Regional Executive Council meeting.


He described the situation as heartbreaking to be reminded of the difficulties teachers face in settling wages.


Noting that educators play a critical role in society’s development, Mr Spencer said it is disgraceful that they have to wait for so long to get the salary they deserve.




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