Teachers at several schools engaged in industrial action this morning, over what they deem as less than acceptable salaries offered under gov’t’s compensation review

Teachers at several schools across the island are engaged in industrial action, over what they say are the less-than-acceptable salaries being offered to them under the Government’s compensation review.


Many of the teachers are dressed in black, some of them are reportedly sitting in, and it is understood that in some cases, some have called in sick at schools in Westmoreland, St Elizabeth, Clarendon and St Catherine.


At Mannings school, teachers are wearing black, but classes are being held.


IRIE FM news understands that in light of the developing situation, the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) hierarchy has deployed its staff to monitor the activities and to assist in bringing a resolution to the matter.


Meantime, some teachers who are rejecting the Government’s offer are calling on the JTA to do more.

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke has said that public sector groups have a short time to settle wage negotiations as the Government would not be facilitating aspects of the current wage payments in the upcoming financial year.


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