Taxi operators who ply Whitehouse to Savanna La Mar route in Westmoreland withdraw service

Taxi Operators who ply the Whitehouse to Savanna La Mar route in Westmoreland withdrew their service this morning to protest over ticketing issues.


The taxi operators say the police and the parish’s Municipal Corporation have been forcing them to use a bus park in the northern section of Savanna La Mar, despite most of their passengers being in the southern part of the town.


One taxi operator told IRIE FM news that he and his colleagues are being ticketed unfairly.


He said based on the design of the town it would not benefit operators to stay at the bus park.

The operator suggested that he and his colleagues be allowed to ply routes in the southern region of the town, despite not being licensed to ply that area.


He suggested that lenience be shown until operators’ are able to renew their road licenses in March to allow them to ply the route legally.

Meantime, Several commuters, including students from the Belmont Academy in the Parish, were stranded this morning, due to the protest.


One woman, who was unable to carry out her daily duties, showed solidarity with the taxi operators.


She said it is difficult for residents to travel when the operators are forced to use the bus park.

And, Head of Operations for the Westmoreland Police, Deputy Superintendent Adrian Hamilton said the police are only enforcers of the law and not legislators.

He said a meeting is to take place today involving the Heads of the various taxi associations in the parish, the police, the Municipality and the Transport Authority to devise a plan.







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