Taxi operators to decide today how they will treat issue of outstanding traffic tickets; legal challenge being considered

A decision is expected to be made by Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) operators on how they will treat the vexed issue of outstanding traffic tickets, during a meeting later today.


The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) said the group is considering various responses, including legal actions against the government, and a withdrawal of service.


TODSS President Egeton Newman said members of the PPV sector are angry at the seemingly uncaring government, especially after the presentation made in parliament by the national security minister, on Tuesday.


Speaking during a TODSS virtual meeting last evening (January 11), Mr. Newman said various government ministers, to include those for transport and national security, have disregarded the concerns of taxi operators, because they are only intent on using the traffic ticket system to generate revenue.


The concerns relate to, claims that operators had already paid up their tickets, but the system still has them logged as unpaid, and that there are no facilities to accommodate taxis in the corporate area which results in operators being unfairly ticketed by traffic police.


Mr. Newman noted that, with the government already acknowledging that the ticket system has flaws, the operators have a strong legal challenge.



Mr. Newman advised operators to not be in a rush to pay the fines, but instead await the outcome of deliberations on the legal challenge.



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