Taxi operators in Trelawny and St James withdraw services to protest poor road conditions

Several taxi operators in Trelawny and St James have withdrawn their services today (June 19) in protest over poor road conditions.


In Trelawny, the operators who ply the Falmouth to Wakefield route, parked their vehicles along the Bounty Hall main road to register their discontent.


IRIE FM news understands that taxi operators who ply routes from Montego Bay, Dumfries and Aldephi in St James to Trelawny communities have also parked their vehicles.


The operators’ protest, which started at about 6 AM, has resulted in traffic congestion in several areas.


Scores of commuters, including children who depend on public transportation were reportedly left stranded.


Some of them had to return home.


One taxi operator told IRIE FM news that although he and his colleagues understand their importance to commuters, it is unfair for operators to conduct their business under deplorable conditions.


He said the poor roads have caused severe damage to vehicles, which incurs high financial costs.

The operators say they will remain off the job until they get word about how the road issue will be addressed.


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