Taxi groups call for review of child restraint seats under new Road Traffic Act

Some taxi groups are calling for a review of the regulations which require child restraint seats for children in public passenger vehicles.

Under the new Road Traffic Act which came into effect on Thursday (February 1), motorists will be fined $5000 for transporting a child without a child restraint system.

The taxi operators say the new law will deny children the right to public transportation.

President of the St. James Taxi Association and media liaison for the National Council of Taxi Association Dion Chance says this regulation will not work for public passenger vehicle operators.

Noting the financial strain being faced by taxi operators, he states that he will be instructing his members not to transport any child under 12.

Meantime, the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services Todss says Transport Minister Audley Shaw should move quickly to address this situation.

Todss says the law is impractical.

Todss President Egeton Newman says operators who provide such accommodation would lose up to 25 per cent of their daily income plus the purchasing of the equipment to carry the child.


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