Taxi groups bemoan proposed toll rate increase

It is a dark time for the public transport sector.


That’s how some taxi operators have described the situation facing them, amid rising oil prices and proposed increases to the toll rates.


According to a notice published by the Ministry of Transport and Mining, as at this weekend, motorists who use the east-west legs of Highway 2000, may soon have to dig deeper in their pockets, following a proposal for a toll increase.


Toll rates are proposed to increase as high as 290 dollars.


Media Liaison at the National Council of Taxi Associations (N-COTA) Dion Chance, says discussions will have to be had with Transport Minister Audley Shaw about the matter.

And President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) Egeton Newman, says the sector cannot bear another increase.


He says he has written to the Minister requesting that toll rates not be increased for another two years.

Mr. Newman indicated that some transport operators will withdraw service on Monday (July 4) if the authorities do not address the issue.


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