Taxi group forecasts doom for public transport sector if unavoidable ticketing continues

One taxi group is forecasting doom for the public transport sector if the current trend of issuing traffic tickets and suspending licences for offences that are reportedly outside of the control of taxi operators continues.

The matter was highlighted last evening by Director of Communication at One Voice Taxi Association, Oscar Finnikin, during a virtual meeting.

Mr Finnikin pointed out that the New Road Traffic Act is being enforced in a manner that results in drivers being ticketed for offences that are caused by the lack of certain amenities in the Kingston Metropolitan area.

For instance, along routes that have no designated bus stop because they were removed and not replaced, drivers are reportedly ticketed for picking up and letting off passengers where there is no bus stop.

Mr Finnikin said as a result, frustrated drivers are leaving the job to pursue other employment opportunities.

He said public transport investors are becoming increasingly concerned.

Mr. Finnikin said a thousand drivers being out of work will adversely impact the country’s economy.


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