Taxi driver seen in viral video arguing with a student over the correct fare, arrested

The taxi driver seen in a viral video overcharging a female student has been arrested and charged for assault, as well as prosecuted for various transport breaches, and fired from his job.

A statement from the Transport Authority said it strongly condemns the action of the taxi operator, who spat at, and verbally abused the girl.

This, after the schoolgirl refused to pay the full fare being demanded by the driver.

Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Ralston Smith, said a meeting was held with the owner of the vehicle, who subsequently fired the driver.

Smith added that the driver was warned for prosecution for various offences, including, not having a badge.

The Authority is reminding operators that children, students in uniform, physically disabled and senior citizens pay half of the approved fare. 

Any deviation will result in prosecution under the road traffic regulations and the offender may be fined up to $100,000 upon conviction.

Commuters are being encouraged to report taxi drivers who overcharge them to the transport authority.


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