Spragga Benz and Tanya Stephens challenge PM Holness on social media crackdown

Entertainers Tanya Stephens and Spragga Benz have responded to Prime Minister Andrew Holness after he announced that he will no longer remain silent on the use of social media to spread misinformation.

Both entertainers shared a news article about the Prime Minister’s new stance on their Instagram timelines.

In his caption, Spragga Benz declared that he will “forever be talking against any danger to people’s freedom, whether it be social media or door-to-door.” He also questioned if resistance to COVID-19 measures wasn’t misinformation, further emphasizing his point with Bob Marley’s 1980 hit “Redemption Song,” which encourages emancipation from mental slavery.

Meanwhile, Tanya Stephens, who shared the same news article, wrote in part, “Priorities. Very silent on anything that doesn’t oppose him.”

On Saturday (June 22), Prime Minister Andrew Holness, addressing youth affiliates of his Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in St. Ann, indicated that his government would be taking steps to clamp down on the dissemination of fake news across social media aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Jamaicans.

While some welcome the move, other social media users argue that Jamaica has far more pressing issues, such as better health care and crime-fighting strategies.


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