TAJ warns wrecker operators against overcharging

Wrecker operators are once again being warned that they will face consequences, if they overcharge motorists, for towing vehicles.

This after some taxi operators, again raised concern about being charged exorbitant fees by wrecker companies, when their vehicles, are seized by the police and transport authority, for traffic breaches.

The matter was brought up during a recent virtual meeting of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, (TODSS), with drivers seeking responses from guest presenter, Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Ralston Smith.

It comes in the wake of the authority’s imposition of a standardized wrecker fee structure, effective January 2.

Taxi drivers have long complained of being overcharged, up to $20,000 for towing a car, which should cost about $8,000.

The standardized rate has now gone from $8000, to $12,000.

The taxi drivers expressed concern that wrecker operators who overcharge, will not be punished.

In response, Mr. Smith assured that those who charge more than what’s stipulated in the legally binding agreement for wrecker fees, will be prosecuted.

Punishment for the breach includes being removed from the authority’s approved list of wrecker operators.


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