Tacky High Board members to meet today after principal charged with buggery; Errol Bascoe faces court on Thursday

Board members of the Tacky High School in St. Mary will convene today after the institution’s principal was charged with buggery yesterday.

According to the St. Mary police, 56-year-old Errol Bascoe was charged following an incident at his home on February 29.

He is to face the St. Mary parish court on Thursday, March 14.

Reports are that at about 11:00 P.M., the complainant visited a friend who was staying at Mr. Bascoe’s premises.

Upon Mr. Bascoe’s return, he spoke briefly to the complainant before it was alleged that he sexually assaulted him.

A report was made to the police and an investigation was launched.

Mr. Bascoe was then arrested and charged.

Mr. Bascoe on Friday, wrote to President of the People’s National Party, Mark Golding announcing his resignation as the Party’s provisional candidate for Western St. Mary.

Describing the accusation as malicious, Mr. Bascoe said he was innocent and was confident the truth would prevail in due course.

There has also been a call for him to resign as principal.

When asked for a reaction last evening, Education Minister Fayval Williams told IRIE FM news that the school’s Board Chair has called a meeting to decide on the way forward.

She explained that she awaits the results of that meeting to make a decision on the matter.


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