Tabling of Integrity Commission reports and not Auditor General’s leads to heated exchange in parliament

The decision by the House Speaker to table some reports from the Integrity Commission, but not those from the Auditor General, in the lower house today caused opposition members to raise questions.


Those questions also led to government members querying how the opposition came to have knowledge of the contents of the Auditor General’s reports that have not yet been tabled.


Today’s tabling comes in the wake of the prior decision by the House Speaker to hold the Auditor Generals reports for 2 months, as well as to seek legal guidance from the Attorney General on the matter.


Marisa Dalrymple Philibert explained that the Integrity Commission reports are being tabled, even though the matter is still being discussed with the Attorney General.



Opposition members, Phillip Paulwell and Julian Robinson expressed concern that the reports from the Auditor General were not being tabled as well.



This led to heated exchange between Robinson and government member Robert Montague as to how he knew of the contents of the report.



The House Speaker then intervened, stressing that she will await guidance from the Attorney General.




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