Suspended Reggae Girls looks  set  to  return  to  the fold  

The embattled members of the Reggae Girls squad that represented jamaica at the 2023 FIFA World Cup finals looks  set  to  return  to  the  fold   after  the  next  FIFA  window.

The  players  who  spearheaded  Jamaica’s  historic round of 16 appearance in Australia and  New Zealand,  made  themselves  unavailable   for  the  qualifiers  for  the  inaugural  Concacaf   Women’s  Gold  Cup owing  to  issues  with  the  Jamaica  Football  Federation.

The players were subsequently suspended by the  federation….with  both  parties since  that  time unable  to  settle  their  disagreements.

Reports  have since  surfaced  the suspension  will  end   in  time  for  the  FIFA  window  of   April  1  to  9  which  will  see  the  girls  become  eligible  to  don  the  national  colours  again.

The  world  cup  players  last  represented  Jamaica  during the  olympic  qualifiers  against  Canada  in   september  last  year

In the  meantime  the  Reggae  Girls  are  down  to  be  in  action   in  the  next  FIFA  window  with  two  friendly  internationals   against  Chile on  February  23  and  27 . 


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