Suspects arrested in connection with two of three murders in Manchester on Saturday

Head of the Manchester police, Superintendent Lloyd Darby says suspects have been arrested in connection with two of three murders in the parish on Saturday (July 2).


Those killed are thirty-five-year-old Adrian Smikle, 15-year-old Vesteroy Sinclair and 49-year-old Ricardo Bennett.


Smikle was shot dead at a wake in Heartease, and Sinclair was shot dead during an attempted robbery at his family home in Turner Stop District.


Both incidents happened close to 10:00 pm on Saturday.


Earlier in the day, Bennett was shot by a gunman in Mandeville at about 2:00 pm.


He died at hospital.


Superintendent Darby, in giving an update, sought to reassure residents of the police’s efforts in crime-fighting.

He added that the police are to use the JamaicaEye network to identify suspects in Bennett’s death.




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