Supreme Court to hear claims from guards challenging controversial new contracts issued by employers

The Supreme Court is to hear in December claims filed for security guards challenging controversial new contracts issued by security companies in April.

The union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (U-case) filed the claims a few weeks ago.

U-case president Vincent Morrison said a meeting is scheduled for this Sunday August 20, to update the guards on the matter.

It’s set to begin at 2 P.M. at the U-case headquarters in Kingston.

Morrison said attorney-at-law Leonard Green, will lead the discussions on the claim served regarding the court matters.

The meeting will also be addressed by U-case’s president, along with other members of the security guards task force.

All security guards are invited to attend.

Documents filed in the supreme courts-to deal with their claims-and contract-matters, arose from contention about contracts issued after the April 1 timeline for guards to be regarded as employees instead of independent contractors.

The new contracts denied the guards their years of service and other rights and benefits.

The union advised the guards not to sign the new contracts.

Guards who did not sign were reportedly victimized, by for instance not being assigned duties.

Other guards reportedly signed the contracts, under duress.

U-case has taken a legal challenge to the contracts in a bid to get redress for the affected guards.


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