Supreme Court dismisses JC Acting Principal’s school uniform lawsuit

The Supreme Court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by Acting Principal of Jamaica College (JC) Wayne Robinson against former President of JC’s Old Boys Association, Major Basil Jarrett regarding the sale of school uniforms.

Mr. Robinson through the suit wanted Major Jarrett to give an account of how proceeds from the sale of the uniforms were used during his presidency.

However, Major Jarrett asked the court to dismiss the matter, claiming it was an abuse of the court, and a deliberate attempt to malign him for objecting to the alleged failed attempt by the JC Board to retain former principal Ruel Reid.

He also submitted a verified copy of a financial report, which he said was done by an independent auditor who found no evidence of misappropriation.

In dismissing Robinson’s suit today, Justice Opal Smith said Robinson did not have the legal authority to bring a claim against Major Jarrett.

Reacting to the ruling, Major Jarrett told IRIE FM news that he was satisfied with the court’s decision.

Mr. Robinson was ordered by the judge to pay Major Jarrett’s legal costs.

She also granted Robinson permission to appeal.


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