Sunshine Girls still ranked Number 4 ….following latest update on world rankings

Jamaica’s  Sunshine  girls are still ranked at number 4 in the world according to the  latest   release  of  the  world netball ranking but have closed the gap significantly on number two ranked New Zealand.

The rating point gap was reduced from 20 to 7 as a result of a move of 182 compared to 189 by New Zealand.

The current world rankings  include the results from the Central America and Caribbean games and the 2023  Netball World Cup …………the two international events to take place since the last update on  June 30, 2023.

These events saw 18 international teams from World Netball  member countries take part in a total of 70 matches.

There  is  no change to the positions of the top six teams, with Australia remaining number  one  ranked ahead  of New Zealand, England, Jamaica, South Africa and Malawi.

The first positional change to the  ranking  is  at  number  7  with Uganda claiming this spot after an impressive World  Cup  campaign where they finished in 5th. 

Tonga moved down one place to 8th, with 9 to 14  remaining unchanged for Trinidad  and  Tobago  to  remain  ranked  at  number  11.

Caribbean  team  St  Vincent  and  the  Grenadines  move  up  one  place  to  17, while St Lucia, the  USA and the  Cayman  Islands  are  up  two  places  to  29, 30 and 34  respectively.

The biggest change in the overall  ranking  is  at   33rd   with Antigua & Barbuda rising four places to claim this position. 

Elsewhere, St Kitts & Nevis and St Maarten also moved up four places to 39th and 40th respectively.


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