Sugar Minott’s daughter accuses her mom and step sister of infighting

A verified Facebook page for Sugar Minott is claiming that the “women in the late entertainer’s life have ruined his estate.

Sugar Minott’s daughter, Candice Minott-Stowe, in an open statement posted on social media, has accused her mother Maxine Stowe and step-sister Pashon Minott of “constantly fighting to be more relevant.”

In an attempt to justify why she went public, she said that she decided to use this outlet to connect with the fans and express the truth.

Candice Minott-Stowe said her aim is to honor her dad’s estate, stating that “it’s hard when you’re the only person that actually wants him to rest in peace.”

In a Music News exclusive today (Sept 18), Maxine Stowe said, the matter is in court because Sugar Minott died without a will, and if there is no togetherness the court could arrange for a sale of the estate or the assets.

Meanwhile Pashon Minott had this to say.

Jamaican Reggae singer, producer and sound-system operator, Sugar Minott, died on July 10, 2010.


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