Students in St. Catherine return to the face-to-face learning modality this morning

Scores of students in St. Catherine who had to participate in online classes yesterday due to a flare-up of violence, returned to the face-to-face learning modality this morning.

Yesterday, at least 14 schools in the parish closed their doors out of an abundance of caution, following heightened violence in Spanish Town at the weekend.

The tension stemmed from Friday’s fatal shooting of alleged gang member, 44-year-old Sheldon Walters, otherwise called “Termite”.

The police say Walters was shot dead during an alleged confrontation with lawmen.

Persons who refute the cops’ claims, mounted fiery blockades and vandalized business establishments in the area.

In response, several schools held classes online to keep children safe.

However, with the police reporting that normalcy has returned to the area, schools have resumed face-to-face classes.

Meantime, a resident of Spanish Town says she is happy that face-to-face classes have resumed, as her siblings were having issues with the online modality.


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