STATIN struggles to recruit workers for population census despite doubling wages

The inability of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) to recruit the required number of census takers will result in a further extension of the census exercise.


The 15th population and housing census, was expected to be completed last December, following commencement in September last year, however, several challenges, including administrative issues, caused the deadline to be extended to March 31, which will not be met.


The agency has only been able to recruit about 4,000 of the targeted 7,000 field workers, at any time, with some leaving the job.


Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke said STATIN has doubled the compensation for workers.


At today’s meeting of the Standing Finance Committee, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Julian Robinson, queried why there has been such a high staff turnover.


Dr. Clarke admitted that STATIN is facing challenges with the census.



Meantime, Director General of STATIN, Carol Coy, said the administrative issues have been addressed.


She further explained the issues faced by statin in recruiting and keeping the workers.



Miss Coy added that the new mode of data collection, implemented recently will be assessed this week,  before a projected date is set for completion of the process.



STATIN says there is an active effort to recruit census takers.


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