STATIN says administrative and staffing issues led to delay in completion of 2022 census

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) has revealed that issues with administrative processes, and the institute’s inability to achieve the employment target of 7,000 census takers, led to the delays with the completion of the 2022 Population and Housing census.


Data collection for the census commenced in September last year, and was set to end last December, but was extended until the first quarter of this year.


Speaking at STATIN’s quarterly press briefing this morning (January 17), Director General, Carol Coy, noted that most of the issues with the census have been resolved, but there is still a shortfall in census takers in some areas.


She said the agency is doubling its efforts to recruit the necessary personnel.



Ms. Coy noted that STATIN has strengthened the census project management team and processes to ensure the smooth continuation of the census.



She added that some of the ID cards issued to census takers have expired as at December 2022, however, these are still valid given the extension of the census.


She said census takers should present an extension letter for additional proof of their identities.


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