‘Stand up for Jamaica’ frowns upon death penalty as ‘World Day Against Death Penalty’ is celebrated

With today being celebrated as World Day Against the Death Penalty, human rights group, ‘Stand up for Jamaica’, is reiterating its message, that the death penalty will not solve Jamaica’s crime problems.

Executive Director of the group, Carla Gullotta, notes that last year, Jamaica experienced an alarming increase in violence, with episodes of cruel behaviour and mass killings, increasing advocacy for the death penalty, as a possible solution, to deter crime.

Miss Gullotta says, while ‘Stand up for Jamaica’ stands with the victims who must live with the horror of these violent crimes, the group does not believe the death penalty, is the answer to bring justice to the citizens of Jamaica.


She says Jamaican citizens must hold the country’s leaders accountable, for not finding strategies to address the crime problem.


Miss gullotta says the root of the problem must be dealt with.



World Day Against the Death Penalty, is recognized annually, to advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, and raise awareness of the conditions and circumstances, which affect prisoners serving death sentences.

According to recent statistics from the United Nations, 170 states have abolished or introduced a moratorium on the death penalty, either in law or in practice.



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