Stakeholders in education concerned at violence against children, following murder of 9yo Talia Thompson

The mother of nine-year-old Talia Thompson who was murdered at the weekend is still struggling to come to terms with the circumstances surrounding her death.

Thompson of Fort Land road, in Discovery Bay, died on Saturday at about 3 PM, after she was stabbed several times at her home.

She had been sexually assaulted.

A family member of the child, who reportedly attempted to commit suicide by inflicting a gunshot wound and knife wounds to himself, is admitted in hospital under police guard.

This morning (September 25), a special devotion was held at the Discovery Bay Primary and Infant school, where Talia was a grade four student.

IRIE F-M news spoke with Talia’s mother, Jessica Taylor who was among family members gathered at the school.

Ms. Taylor said she is hurt by the circumstances under which her daughter died.

She added that she is finding comfort in the fulfilling life her daughter, who was crowned Mini Miss Discovery Bay last month, lived.

Meanwhile, at least two stakeholders in the education sector have expressed concern at the level of violence being perpetrated against the nation’s children.

Guidance Counselor Arlene Gordon Riley condemned the incident while encouraging children to report cases of abuse impacting them or their friends.

Chairman of the Discovery Bay Primary School Board, Raymond Treasure noted that the agencies that are responsible for protecting children need to do more to ensure their safety.


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