Stakeholders express concern that government repatriated Haitians without acknowledging their request for asylum

Human rights lobby group Freedom Imaginaries has expressed concern that the government repatriated the Haitians who arrived in Portland earlier this week, without acknowledging a request for asylum, submitted on their behalf.

Attorney representing the group, Malene Alleyne, said at least eight Haitians were repatriated via a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) vessel last night.

She noted that one individual was left behind. Miss Alleyne said the government did not respond to an asylum request made for the group.

She said the move by the government violates several conventions.

Miss Alleyne noted that this is the third group of Haitians returned, mere hours after they were intercepted.

She urged stakeholders to intervene to ensure that immigrants’ rights are not breached.

Meantime, Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) said it has taken note of the government’s swift repatriation of the Haitians and is cautioning against such action.

Executive Director, Mickel Jackson, said the government needs to respect the international laws on migration and refugees, and ensure that due process is followed.

Miss Jackson said it is also very concerning that the government ignored a request made for a precautionary measure from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.


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