St. Thomas fishermen grateful after surviving category 4 Hurricane Beryl at sea

Nine fishermen from Cow Bay in St. Thomas continue to express gratitude after surviving category 4 Hurricane Beryl at sea last week.

This after what should have been five days at sea fishing turned into seven days.

The nine left Cow Bay for Morant Cays in three canoe-type vessels ‘Blessing’, ‘Prayer Warrior’ and ‘Prayer Warrior 2’ on Saturday June 29, with the intention to return on Wednesday, July 3.

But the major hurricane thwarted those plans and saw the men seeking refuge on the cays.

The captain Leroy Holding spoke with IRIE FM News about the ordeal. He said early on Wednesday morning the fishermen recognized that the sea had become rough.

He said they were unaware that a hurricane was heading towards Jamaica, as they had no communication.

He said they sustained some bruises, but they are giving thanks for life.

Mr. Holding is urging other fishermen to remain alert, indicating that it was God who kept them in the hurricane.

The boat captain said on Thursday they went to get more fish, before heading out Friday.

They were met by a Jamaica Defence Force team that had launched a search for them and escorted to shore where they were reunited with their families.


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