St James records 15 murders in 7 days

St. James recorded at least 15 murders in the last 7 days.

This, after a man was gunned down at his home, in Providence Heights, in the parish on Sunday night.

He has been identified as 34 year old Dwayne Crewe a farmer.

Reports are that at around 11:30 pm Crewe and his common law wife were entering their home, when they were pounced upon by a gunman who opened fire hitting them.

Crewe was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sunday night’s killing follows 3 double murders and 1 triple murder in the parish.

The triple murder took place in Mount Zion on Saturday evening, while the double murders took place in the communities of Mount Salem and Dumfries.

Police theorize that the Mount Salem incidents are due to an ongoing gang violence, while a motive has not been identified for the other incidents.

The other murders in the parish took place in Salt Spring and Montpelier.


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