St James police warn citizens against participating in planned protest by hotel workers in Montego Bay this morning as event does not have permit

The St James Police are warning citizens that a protest planned by a disgruntled, former hotel worker, in Montego Bay for today (July 4), does not have a permit, and as such, is deemed an illegal activity.


Hotel bartender, Matthew Rodney, was dismissed from his job at the S Hotel in Montego Bay, and he posted a video on social media, alleging racism and unfair treatment by hotel management.


Mr Rodney is organizing, what he calls, a peaceful march in the resort town, and has called on other hotel workers to support the cause.


The protest is scheduled to begin at 7 AM.


Acting Head of the St James Police Division, Superintendent Carlos Russell, said he has been made aware of the planned protest.


He noted that any citizen who wishes to stage a demonstration, must apply for a permit and that to date, no one has made an application, regarding today’s event.


He is reminding citizens, that it is an offence to stage a march or protest without first getting the requisite permit from the police.


Meantime, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said the issue involving Mr Rodney and the hotel is a domestic one and should be handled at the local level.


He said the Ministry will not be intervening.


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