St. James Municipal Corporation approves resolution urging amendment to Criminal Records Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

The St. James Municipal Corporation has approved a resolution, calling for an amendment to the Criminal Records Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

The resolution was moved by Councillor Charles Sinclair.

He wants the Justice Minister to review and amend the act to allow thousands of Jamaicans with spent convictions and who have  been reformed, rehabilitated and trained to be given an opportunity to have their criminal records expunged.

He adds that some of these persons were fined or given a suspended sentence and not sent to prison.

Councillor Sinclair points to the government’s efforts to bring more Jamaicans into the labour force and  the requirement for job applicants to present a criminal record.

According to him, the amendment to the law in 2014 made several offences inexpungible.

He adds that if maintained this will result in  persons who have paid their debt to society and have been rehabilitated and trained not being able to acquire an appropriate record to gain employment.

Councillor Sinclair cited a number of cases including one for a resident of his division, as examples of the impact the problem is having. 

The resolution was supported by councillors from the People’s National Party.

Meantime, Councillor Kerry Thomas of the Mount Salem division suggests that the resolution  should also call for a shorter period for the  process of expungement.


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