St Hilda’s High to re-open tomorrow following delayed opening due to water issues

Education Minister Fayval Williams, says the ministry will be working to ensure the St Hilda’s High School in St Ann resumes classes tomorrow, after re-opening was delayed on Monday due to water issues in the community.

In a letter to parents, St. Hilda’s High said it had delayed the re-opening of school until further notice.

St. Hilda’s noted that it has been experiencing severe challenges accessing water over the past two months and that numerous attempts were made to secure the commodity. However, these had proven futile.

When Irie Fm news contacted the education minister she said she is aware of the difficult water situation in the Brown’s Town area.

She said the institution has been provided with water and that the ministry is seeking to ensure school resumes tomorrow.

Meantime, the National Water Commission said interim measures are being implemented to deliver water to its customers in brown’s town.

It said these measures include revised regulations and also actively trucking water to critical locations.

Public Relations Officer for NWC, Delano Williams said the company is also aware of reports concerning schools that have been affected by disruption in regular water supply.

He said this is due to a temporary disruption in service at one of its facilities due to unforeseen technical issues.

However, he assured that during the downtime, immediate action has been taken to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the residents and schools.

He said water trucks will be delivering water throughout today, to ensure that the community’s water needs are met despite the temporary setback.


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