St. Elizabeth Police seeking Person of Interest in major drug find yesterday

The St. Elizabeth police are seeking a Person of Interest in relation to a massive drug seizure in the parish, last evening.

He is Cetron Smith of Warminster.

Smith is being sought in relation to the seizure of over 13 pounds of cocaine, 55 parcels of compressed ganja and more than a million dollars in cash.

Reports are that lawmen from the narcotics division seized the items during an operation at a house in Warminster at about 7:30 p.m. yesterday.

Upon their approach, a man reportedly ran from the house. 

The police, during a search of the premises, discovered a clandestine drug operation and seized 13.5 pounds of cocaine and 222 pounds of compressed ganja, allegedly packaged for export. 

Over a million Jamaican dollars in cash, as well as a motor vehicle found on the premises, were also seized.

The JCF says the marijuana is valued at JMD $2.2 million, while the cocaine is valued at USD $186,000.

The Person of Interest in the case Cetron Smith is being asked to report to the Narcotics Area 3 office in Mandeville, Manchester, by 10 a.m. tomorrow.


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