St Elizabeth police list three individuals as wanted and five POIs

The St. Elizabeth police have listed three individuals as wanted, as well as 5 others as persons of interests, in relation to various crimes committed in the division.

Those on the wanted list are, Ian Brown, otherwise called ‘Boom June’, of Huntley Castel District, New Market, Lincoln Leach Farquharson, of Mount Pleasant District, Balaclava and Merrick Edwards of Prospect District, Giddy Hall.

They are wanted for rape, and grievous sexual assault.

Meantime, those listed as persons of interest are, 34-year-old Richardo Foster, otherwise known as ‘Richie or Richie Feelings or Haitian’, of Gayle Town, Goshen District, Llewelyn Gordon, otherwise known as ‘Zuggie’, of Roseberry District, Malvern, Jerome Plummer, otherwise known as ‘Fargo’, of Roseberry District and Rommel Bromfield, otherwise known as ‘Ray’, of Kinowl District, Malvern and Dewar Archibald, of Park District, St. Elizabeth; Drax Hall, St. Ann; and Mandeville, Manchester.

All 5 are being sought in relation to several robberies, break -ins and shootings.

These persons are being asked to report to the black river police, immediately.


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